Why support the AMSA Foundation?

Student-led, student-focused.

If AMSA’s mission and identity were to be distilled to it’s most pure, it would be this: AMSA is medical students taking their education further, together. AMSA is led by students, governed by membership, and acts through student leadership. Our National President and Board of Directors are members, elected by their peers. It is through the AMSA Foundation that we keep these core tenants secure.

Passion. Purpose. Principle.

AMSA is a conduit that connects students and channels their passion. We are constantly reminded of what unites AMSA members – their drive to succeed, their desire to get the most out of their education, and their passion to confront the most pressing issues in medicine.

Through the AMSA Foundation, we are able to give the passion of our members opportunities to grow. AMSA Training Grounds give students opportunities to get hands-on training and discuss the most pressing issues in global health and medicine. Annual Convention allows AMSA members to come together to elect their leadership, vote on the the direction AMSA takes, and join in advocacy efforts at Rally Day and Lobby Day.

Empower the future of medicine.

There’s nothing like the feeling of empowerment – when others tell you and teach you that you can make a difference and create the kind of health care system and world that you want to live in. AMSA has a 62-year history of medical student activism and providing a robust training environment for influential future physician leaders. One of the endearing and admirable characteristics of our thousands of members is their idealism and refusal to accept the status quo if they believe there is a better way to help, heal and prevent illness and disease.

AMSA holds the distinction as the largest independent student-governed organization in the world. We have successfully and proudly supported, influenced, taught and created close networks of the best and the brightest medical students over all of these years, and our members rely on us to continue this important work. You are invited to support AMSA in our on-going quest to inspire a community of future physicians through education and advocacy. Please donate to AMSA and join us as a contributor to AMSA’s Vitality which will help ensure that our strong work persists. We need your support. Our students are so very deserving.