Thank you for your support in our on-going quest to inspire a community of future physicians through education and advocacy.

Your donation, as you specify, will be applied to one of the following categories:

Development of Leaders

Core to AMSA’s mission is providing experiential opportunities for future physicians to identify and develop their leadership strengths. Uniquely, medical students have the opportunity to serve on the organization’s elected Board of Trustees, to chair and serve on topic-based Action Committees, and to lead local chapters. AMSA’s annual convention and Empowering Future Physicians conferences provide a student-friendly environment for presenting original research and scholarly work, planning and leading seminars and workshops, and networking with peers across the globe to nurture and expand their skills.

Just Medicine (PharmFree)

Just Medicine, formerly known as the PharmFree Campaign, continues to reflect AMSA’s values, ambitions and goals in putting patients above profits and ensuring the most objective, evidence-based, affordable healthcare for patients. Our vision for the practice of medicine is that it is simply based on evidence, not marketing, personal gain, or any interest other than that of the patient.

Your donation will help the campaign continue its work on advocacy, programming, and continuing development of the AMSA Scorecard on conflict-of-interest in medical education institutions.

Chapter Support

AMSA has chapters at schools across the U.S. and the world. That includes:

  • Over 185 medical school chapters
  • Over 330 pre-medical chapters
  • Over 60 international chapters

Supporting each and every chartered chapter is the duty and promise of AMSA’s national office, and every AMSA chapter has a different niche and different needs. Your donation to supporting chapters will aid us in creating new opportunities for our chapters through AMSA programming, and will allow more opportunities for AMSA national office staff to connect in-person with individual chapters.

Supporting an AMSA Fellow

AMSA’s Fellowship Program is an intensive one-year long educational immersion experience. Through experiential education, mentorship, professional development opportunities, and individual scholarly pursuits, fellows support AMSA’s vision while gaining knowledge about organizational development and leadership. Fellows work to improve medical education for all physicians-in-training and champion advocacy efforts to improve the lives of the patients they will one day serve. Upon completion of this program, fellows are uniquely equipped to deal with the challenges of a complex health care system and affect positive change in their chosen profession.