Times are changing. The question is: is our country’s medical education system, our system of care, changing with them? 

If we are to improve patient care as a whole, then we need to accelerate our efforts to achieve equity in both healthcare and health education. The American Medical Student Association Foundation has made this our focus since 1964 — and we’re only gaining momentum as more individuals, organizations and institutions are joining this movement. 


Our Mission

The American Medical Student Association Foundation (501c3) exists to innovate medical education to foster a more just, equitable realm of medicine. We do this by creating and supporting programs and initiatives that address critical gaps in medical education and offer immersive learning opportunities for medical students — learning experiences that teach diverse future physicians to lead, advocate and make the change that they would like to see in healthcare. 

Creative collaboration

Transforming health care is no small feat. It takes an alliance of individuals, organizations, business and agencies with a shared vision to accelerate progress. For nearly six decades, we’ve teamed up with allies of all shapes and sizes to conceive, implement and launch impactful programs to promote health equity. Creative collaboration is the cornerstone of the AMSA Foundation — we love identifying new opportunities alongside impassioned individuals or organizations who share our mission.

Our work

Progress is all around us. New innovations, research and cross-disciplinary approaches are transforming the ways we deliver healthcare — offering us bold, new ways to achieve equity in medicine. Yet, these advances can fall short if physicians aren’t fluent in them. This is where the AMSA Foundation comes in.

Support our work

Perhaps you’re an AMSA alumni grateful for the start AMSA offered you in your career. Or maybe you’re an ally — someone who shares our vision: a belief that change in health care is possible — and an informed, inspired, bold next generation of physician-changemakers are the ones see it through.