Change begins here.

Leana Wen. Eric Whitaker. Kavita Patel. These are just a few of the medical trailblazers who got their start with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) — a global organization that exists to inspire, inform and support the next generation of physicians. The ones eager to make change in health care.

The American Medical Student Association Foundation supports the work of AMSA by guiding, conceiving and funding experiential educational programs. Ones that are immersive — offering medical students hands-on experiences working alongside experts and innovators to learn deeply. Contextually. Impactfully.

We do this by partnering with allied organizations, donors and companies eager to invest in the next generation of physicians.



Opportunities for Your Involvement


Physician Education

Amplify Learning

Educational programs that delve deeply into urgent topics through hands-on, innovative experiences.


Inspire Influencers

Training and on-the-ground experience in becoming a leader: how to organize, communicate and galvanize community.


Spark Action

Where future physicians learn to make change and lift their voices to legislators.

Student Wellness

Support Students

Programs that inspire and support medical students — offering tools, resources and training for self care and wellness.


The AMSA Foundation in Action

Physician Education

Digital Health for Equity

How innovation and technology can help us achieve equity — delivered to students via immersive coursework, projects and collaborating with experts. This is a rapidly evolving program — let us fill you in.

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Physician Education

Reproductive Health Project

Advocacy and education programs tailored to inform, empower and train the next generation of culturally responsive reproductive physicians.

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Education and Advocacy Fellow

This unique position for a medical student to spend a year augmenting their formal medical training to delve deeply into critical issues affecting equitable healthcare, diversity in the workforce, and professional wellbeing.

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Physician Education + Support


The Humanistic Elective in Activism, Reflective Transformation, and Integrative Medicine trains fourth-year medical students to become informed healer-physicians.

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MedEd Scorecard

An initiative currently underway for breathing new life into the push to modernize medical education — and rethink how US med schools are compared. We can fill you in on the latest.

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Institutional Partnerships

This is where an entire incoming class at a medical school has their AMSA membership funded. This grants all students access to AMSA member benefits — plus exclusive opportunities and customize programming relevant to the interests of that institution.

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Medical Students Empowered
Dollars Raised
Scholars Programs
Advocacy Initiatives


Empower Future Physicians to Achieve Equity in Medicine.

Expand Educational Opportunities

With your help, we’re able to envision, implement and impact the future of medical students, and thusly, the future of healthcare.

Fund Students

Sponsor a student — or fund an incoming class at an institution — that may otherwise not have access to the benefits of AMSA: experiential learning, networking and hands-on training.

Creatively Partner

We’re customizers. Some of our most potent work has been hand-crafted together with partners like you — where we find ways to collectively support future physicians in creative, meaningful ways.


Experts, alumni and students together for impact.

A quick glimpse inside AMSA’s Annual Convention

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