We empower medical students through hands-on, immersive educational programs that offer a broader understanding of medicine.

Here, medical students can learn — first-hand — the social and racial contexts that impact our patients’ health — and gain the skills and expertise to make positive change in medicine.

Our work at the AMSA Foundation supports the mission of the American Medical Student Association — a global organization committed to preparing medical students to become culturally conscious physicians, informed healers and advocates for equity.

Since 1964, we have furthered this mission by conceiving, guiding and funding educational programs through partnerships with allied organizations and inspired individuals. Partners, like you, who believe change is possible — if we equip and empower future physicians in bold, innovative ways. 


Our story: collective changemaking.

The American Medical Student Association was originally formed under the American Medical Association in 1950 — a short-lived alliance. AMSA broke off in 1968 due to philosophical differences: the desire for a more progressive stance on racial issues driving the division.

A quest for equity in society and health care has defined AMSA since the beginning.

Since then, the AMSA Foundation has teamed up with donors, organizations and corporations to conceive, guide and fund:

  • opportunities that address equity as well as other essential and tangential issues
  • leadership development — as this is an essential element in helping affect long-term change
  • programs that equip future physicians with the skills, knowledge and experience to become confident leaders, informed healers and ushers of a more inclusive, just society through medicine.

Creative partnerships with purpose

Browse a collection of a few of our hallmark programs from over the last five decades & get to know us.

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